Russell Landscaping is a lawn care and landscaping company offering a variety of Landscape Maintenance to people who love a beautiful outdoor space, but don’t have the time or energy to maintain it themselves. We know that first look and impressions of property are very important, and by using our team of skilled landscape professionals, you will feel at ease knowing your property will be on a program to maintain its first class look and appearance. Our maintenance specifications include a schedule that ensures the health and beauty of your landscape. We take pride in our ability to not only maintain your landscape but your budget as well, by providing good quality and dependable service at a affordable cost.Taking great care of your landscape can be a time consuming process, that is why many people neglect it. Our landscape professionals will take care of landscape every week, despite your busy schedule. Landscaping Bedford can handle any landscape task with a experienced team of professionals who are always there when you need it and has everything necessary to get the job done right.