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If there is one thing that everyone knows, it’s that winter never misses us. With heavy duty trucks and plows Russell Landscaping can make sure that your car never has to park or drive through the snow. If you want Snow & Ice Managment, then we’re plowing and that means peace of mind for you now that you know have one less concern in this crazy world.

Snow Shoveling

Everyone knows the horrible feeling of having to wake up 1, 2, sometimes 3 hours before you would normally get up for work because guess what? It snowed! And now you have to go shovel the walk way or the deck or in some cases the driveway! STOP! Let the guys at Russell Landscaping take care of that for you, that way when you wake up and see the walkway and the driveway are clear, you can take a deep breath and avoid that unwanted stress.

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Client Testimonial

I am a very happy and satisfied customer of Russell Landscaping of Wilmington MA. This was my fist year using them for landscaping services and I have only great things to say. From my first interaction with owner, Joe Russell, to now, I have found them to be friendly, timely and reliable, consistent, and always available to help! I plan on using them next year and give them high marks. I highly recommend them!
Joanne C